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Like it or not, I place my interests at your door step. My models, produced over the last two decades, reflect my artistic interpretation of three dimensional art where identical pieces interact with each other. The pieces-parts have become my pallette..
Hopefully you will not regret spending time here. Best case scenario is that you experience some kind of emotion when you come in contact with that certain model.
My creations are designed with the intent to elicit an unusual, heretofore inexistent, unique and personal experience. I hope to hear fron you in regards to that.

There is no point of sale system yet so nothing can be actually sold yet.

There is a PDF link on some models. It lets you download a 3D PDF file to your computer. :-) The other alternative is take a picture of the model with a right mouse click.

Feel free to share pictures, pdf files & links to your friends.

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A huge thanks to Brian McCumber for his assistance with developing the visual mechanics without whom I'd still be day-dreaming about making such an awesome site.