It Is what It Is

An Artist create for himself and hopes someone will buy it.

A Craftsman manufactures something specific, as specified, for the client.

A Sculptor may create shapes from recollection, imagination, preconceived expressive desires. You will notice that most sculptures have an obvious base. That is, here's the bottom, here's the front, Here's the back (don't look there), etc.

Some Sculptors see something and copy it in a way that suits their wants and desires.

Other Sculptors have implements which will be useful to assemble, smash together, tear apart and manage the conglomeration in a pattern known only to themselves.

Then there's me.
I am none of that.

I am a counterfeiter without a title or profession. I attempt to copy my imaginary ideas. Very little of what I design has a specific frame of reference. My 3D creations live in a world free of gravity - They do not belong in a 2D world of left, right, top bottom. They exist in my imaginary concept of forced reality; Real tangible things from a world previously unknown to Sculptors as such. My pieces are meant to be observed as free will creations devoid of worldly forces; the only exception being the 5 senses; They emphasize the presence of nothingness.

My design intent is rather in-congruent with my skills and abilities. I conceive, design and manufacture ideas. For me, an idea is a notion which is impossible to create. It comes to me in figments such as thoughts, emotions and desires. I have a need to make my finished product include emotional elements which will remain undiscovered until my design is experienced. I hope to give the observer a push towards the unrealistic world of the nonexistent. The elements I look to include are temporal (Somewhat related to worldly experiences) vs. spatial (Space of nothingness filled with unidentified pieces). Confusing (Perplexed) vs. geometric (recognizable interposing shapes). Symmetrical (Proportionately Balanced) vs. confusing (unsettling or baffled). Solid (sturdy) vs. tactually disturbing (structurally unsound).

My Objects are sort of molecular caricatures of my imagination. They do not exist in the world known as reality. They are nothing more than a figment of my imagination. Of course, with the help of 3D printing, I can make a facsimile to translate my imagination to pseudo reality.

I name my objects "Original Object Fastenations" because they are an assemblage of material objects which seems impossible to be neither physically assembled nor disassembled.

Explanation of My Sculpture Name - "Original Object Fastenations:

Original: “created directly and personally by a particular artist; not a copy or imitation.”

Object: “A material thing that can be seen and touched.”

Fastenations: A portmanteau word that combines "Fasten with Fascination":

* Fasten: “to secure against opening.”

* Fascination: “to command the interest of.”

I think of my works as Purposeful Grunge

The Purposeful part - (Left Brain) I have decades of experience in the field of mechanical design. I started as a drafter on the Pencil Board. I evolved to 2D Cad Drafting then as technology advanced, I became a 3D Model specialist. My sculptures are developed using my innate mental tools, my Training and thoughtful design expertise. All of my designs are implemented within thousandths of an inch tolerance.
As I design my pieces, I am only aware of the spacial constraints which is making pieces parts fit together to form the intended shape. I know how parts will look, fit together, become constrained to each other and all those logical requirements.

The Grunge Part - (Right Brain) Many of my crafted pieces consist of numerous faces. These faces are often produced in a meaningful way by utilizing machinery such as CNC, 3D Printing, Band Saw and Table Saw as well as different carving tools like Hand saw, Knifes, Chisels and such. All the materials which come in contact with my implements become marked, gouged, scratched and noticeably disfigured. These features are innate, intentional, accidental and respected. They represent the process. The chips, bruises, unintended consequences, unintentional wood grain blemishes are all part of my Manufacturing philosophy. I celebrate wood knots and end grain. I overlook specifics and praise the whole. I accept my works. I do not design with the intent of acceptance from any organization, commandment or person. It is what it Is; They are what they are. If someone who wants a creation but desires a name for the piece, It's theirs to define. I will never be so absurd to claim ownership.

As a true Libra personality, I am aloof from so called artists. I'm not a social person and have an insecure self centered demeanor. Balance wise, I love myself and my creations and wouldn't change my personality even if I could. I like to think that I am well organized but I find that I am only good at trying to organize myself. (to no avail)

My most cherished moments in life are when I meet a person who actually understands or has an emotional experience with one of my works. Please tell me what it "looks like" to you. To me, it's not that at all. haha. I'd be satisfied to know how you express your feelings about it or what your emotional response is. HINT - Just because it has a good deal of internal space, it will never be a "lamp shade".


In 2009 I had a magnificent career. My duties were to learn 3D modeling techniques and apply them to the design and manufacturing of industrial mechanical Assemblies. One day, my manager was searching for possible domain names for the company. I asked him to search for ib3d, as in "I am a 3D designer kind of guy". it was available but soon forgotten. Some 10 years later, while in a personal funk, I looked it up and found it was still available so I bought it and have been usiing it since. So, therefore I am a creator with the pseudonym of IB3D. But it would be a silly name. Imagine someone shouting a greeting to me: "Hey, IB3D". I'd have to reply, "No, you're not 3 D", "I B 3 D". "U B something else". I considered shortening my unprofessional identification to "3". Not the number three, that's a number, not a name.

As for the spelling, I have thrown out "III", Roman Numeral number three.

I have also discounted the 'number 3 character' as a signature.

In computer ASCII language, the number 3 is interpreted as control-C, which is "end of line". Not good.

That said, I have taken on the nom de plum of my mental advisor, Natale D'Anarom.

My Artistic Philosophy

My Creations are a 'Proof of Concept'; An attempt to elicit emotional experiences from the casual observer. Once my creations are completed, they become as a template to be redesigned, morphed and reconstructed to the whims and desires of the patron. I have no preconceived notions regards to the type of emotions or effects they have on the observer. Emotions are my goal; Good or bad, like it or not, It Is what It Is. (IIwII)

Although I am a recluse, there are a couple of spirits that I collaborate with and whose companionship I revere:

My Ying and my most beloved companion, Natale D'Anarom

Nate comes to me on occasion to see how I am doing. He asks about my recent work. He cares about how I feel and helps to keep me focused. He keeps me in touch with my mental well being and helps me sort out my edginess. His seemingly simple questions often open my mind to a notable train of thought.

My Yang, Nickem Knots

Nickem comes to me when he has an idea. Usually it's an undeveloped concept which seems somewhat impossibly do-able and obviously in need of more than a bit of concentration and development on my part. Whenever I get stuck, we collaborate to try and find a solution. We are from two different worlds so sometimes communications are sensitive to say the least. Fortunately, we both share the excitement of a job well done.

My Consultant - Howdy Doodat

Howdy is a likable guy but he challenges me to no end. When I am working on a project he looks over my shoulder. He hardly ever comments but I am always aware of his presence. When he has something to say, it's a challenge. He'll say something like "You know, Nate, that looks somewhat simple. Did you ever consider making it like... this or that? Damn! I'm thinking, "Hey Howdy, It's impossible for Christ sake." He smugly reminds me that nothing is any more impossible than I believe it to be. So I often go off on a tangent, come to a conclusion and either thank him or shelf the idea for the time being. We, all four, celebrate when our creation is successful. It's always a joy when we hear someone say "How'd he Doo-dat?"

I now return me to my impersonable abstract reality.


It's kind of fun to do the impossible. The world is a canvas for your imagination. You are the painter. There are no rules ... Get to work!

Don't underestimate me. I know more than I say, think more than I speak and notice more than you realize. Trust yourself. You kmow more than you think you do.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create. imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere.

The real source of wealth and capital in this new era is not material things ... it is the human mind, the human spirit, the human imagination, and our faith in the future.

I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge, myth is more potent than history, dreams are more powerful than facts, hope always triumphs over experience,laughter is the cure for grief, love is stronger than death.

The creative person is both more primitive and more cultivated, more destructive, a lot madder and a lot saner, than the average person. In the realist, you have the sorry sight of the five senses deprived of thier imagination.

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.

reality leaves a lot to the imagination.

Imagination is more important than knowlege.

Reality is for those who lack imagination.

My imagination is so wild and vivacious that I often find reality to be quite disappointing.

Reality is for those who lack imagination.

Trapped by reality, freed by imagination.

If you want to escape reality, just open a book and your imagination.

My explanation: "xx", My imagination: "XXXXXXXXXXXXX... etc".

The world of realith has it's limits; The world of imagination is boundless.

Imaghination creates reality.

Imagination should be used, not to escape reality but to create it.

Why bother with reality when there id imagination?

Your imagination should be used not to escape reality but to create it.

In the realist, you have the sorry sight of the 5 senses deprived of their imagination.

Reality can be beaten with enough imagination.

Man's most valuable faculty is his imagination.

Nothing happens unless first we dream.

What is now proved was once imagined.

Everything you can imagine is real.

We are what we imagine ourselves to be.

Every really new idea looks crazy at first.

People who lean on logic and philosophy and rational exposition end by starving the best part of the mind.

It's not what you look at that matters,it's what you see.

Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.