Models in the shape of the 5 Platonic Solid Polyhedrons

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It's a representation of the figment of my imagination.

Of course they look real and that's because they are. Imaginary things, on the other hand, are not real like a solid. Figments are a mental image. Mental images consist of emotions and feelings. My actual part contains none of this. They are just crude copies if an imaginary thing from an imaginary world. All of the strong emotions reside in my consciousness. I hope that an observer can have some hearty feelings in response.

The cut-out designs on the plates are purely functional. Thre purpose is to make it absolutely clear to the viewer that there is no "Magic" inside.

This technique of assembling structures that can not actually be assembled is unique to my experiences. I have never seen a series of pieces connected in such a way. Althouth the slots look like they would slide apart, they are held in place by the attached plates. I don't think that anything like these can be assembled by just putting the plates together one at a time.

Although it seems unique to be living in a world where the impossible is now possible but it's always been that way. From the first fire to the inventions of the wheel, printing press, telegraph, automobiles, computers and now neverbefore technological inventions. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, he can achieve.


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